Sailing,Windsurfing and Kiting on and around Zakynthos

Port of Zakynthos Town:

Plan des Hafen von Zakynthos StadtDepth 4-5m, all boat sizes, also Megas.

Port of Saint Nicolas - Skinari:

In the north part of Zakynthos, depth 5-10m.

Zakynthos is excellently situated for cruising the Ionian Sea; for sailing around the Peloponnesian peninsula; and for sailing eastward to visit the Agaean Sea. Very well known as the last harbor before starting long trips in the western Mediterranean. The winds are normally not strong, but in the afternoon gale winds could reach 5 Beaufort. Heavy gale winds (8 Beaufort and more) in February/March are not uncommon.

WindsurfingWindsurfing is mostly situated off the northeastern beaches of Tsilivi and Planos. From 3 pm on daily, you can expect 4 to 6 Beaufort (earlier in the day around 2 Beaufort) but during the 1999, 2000 and 2001 seasons, the seas were really very windy, comparable with the conditions in the Aegean (Meltemi winds).
Until recently the surfing-schools have not had proper materials, so professionals should take their own equipement with them.

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