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The portal zakynthos.net.gr is presenting Zakynthos in the first line of the internet in an innovative way

Zakynthos.net.gr is the only website that guarantees secure page views to their clients

Only zakynthos.net.gr provides a modern booking engine (similar to Booking / Airbnb - but without any commissions for nobody - guests and hosts.

Η zakynthos.net.gr is always only in top positions in all major search engines on the internet, in terms of

topic / keyword «Zakynthos»

The first 10 Google search results taking 99% of the clicks. Learn more!

A portal showing up after a Google search on the second result page is nearly dead.
Not suitable for business use.
Has very low traffic. Low traffic = Less commercial success (our case: direct bookings)
Best case scenario: excessive costs for provisiones for Booking and Airbnb etc.

Example: To understand what result shows a search for «Zakynthos» with Google from the location and language of each visitor click the link underneath:

Νοw it appears immediately, which portal appears first when somebody is searching for Zakynthos from his location using Google. (General results can vary depending from OS and OS language)

And do the same using a completely independent search engine withthout tracking duckduckgo.com

Usually travelers are looking first for the destination and then they care for the accommodation. On zakynthos.net.gr guests can also check availbility and book a vacation home in the same time.
As a unique service we offer a modern booking program for our hosts:Tο zakynthost.gr
It's likewise with Booking.com - but without any commissions! One simple reason more to show your accommodation / your business here on zakynthos.net.gr + zakynthost.gr!

The zakynthos.net.gr is the only site on the island of Zakynthos, which guarantees secure traffic to its customers!

Selection of proposals:

Here an overview of possible agreements:
Guarantee of at least 1000 visitors a year*
Guarantee of at least 1500 visitors a year*
Guarantee of at least 2000 visitors a year*

*Advertising widthout financial risk! Your ad remains listed as long until the desired number of guests is reached, without additional cost. Only we can!

  • Booking, Airbnb, Google adwords etc and how to use it effectively
  • Web Design
  • Photography : Indoor - Outdoor - Aerial photography and Video
  • Interior Design

Of course zakynthos.net.gr + zakynthost.gr are compatible with all smartphones and tablets. More than 50% of our visitors use such devices. And because that most of the guests come from Europe to Zakynthos Island. It was self-evident to locate our new servers central Europe. It's more expensive, but the content is more quickly on our users' screens. You can do a test here!.

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